Calculator and converter with support for 12 digits

Calculon is a combination of a unit/currency converter and standard calculator with 12 digits precision, trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, date and temperature operations.

The latest currency rates can be updated from the internet either wirelessly (Treo 600/650, LifeDrive, etc) or via your desktop's connection with the provided conduit. Calculon is optimized for one-handed operation on the Treo phones!

Up to 15 conversion categories can be defined with 200 items in each. Any category can also serve as a group of constants. Easily convert between Celcius and Fahrenheit, miles and kilometers, gallons and litres, kilograms and pounds, and much more.


  • 15 user definable unit (and/or constant categories)
  • All units of the same category can be recalculated at the same time
  • Temperature conversions between F (Fahrenheit), C (Celsius) and K (Kelvin) degrees
  • Angle formats conversion from HMS (hours, minutes, and seconds) to decimal
  • Julian day to Gregorian calendar date conversion
  • Time->seconds and Seconds->time conversion
  • Support for the Euro and compatible with all the conversion rules

Mathematical functions:

  • Standard: +, -, x, /
  • Trigonometry: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan
  • Exponential/Logarithmic: x^2, y^x, 10^x, e^x, log, ln
  • Date: Date +/- number of days, number of days between two dates
  • Other functions: percentage calculation, area and circumference of a circle, constants Pi and Pi/2

Other features:

  • 12 digits math precision
  • Number of decimal places can be defined in the range from 0 to 11 and there is also "Float" (F) option for displaying all possible decimal digits (without ending zeros).
  • 10 user memories. You can perform arithmetic operations (+, -, x, /) with each memory
  • Copy/paste between display and clipboard
  • Each category names and values can be exported/imported to/from MemoPad memo. Fields are delimited with TAB character. That way, you can export to a MemoPad memo, edit them on your desktop computer, and after hotsync import them back into Calculon.
  • Date and time calculations
  • Multiple multiplication and division with the same number
  • "Constants" mode - current category serves as a group of constants. If you append "_C" to the category name, then Calculon will automatically enter constants mode each time you choose that category
  • Reversed unit conversions
  • Binary calculator (hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary input modes)



Calculon 1.2